Thursday, 24 October 2013

Muskoka Woods

Best Camp Ever?

Muskoka Woods must arguably be one of the best camps ever! Muskoka woods owns 1000 acres of property and 2,800 feet of water front on lake Rosseau. They have over 75 activities to do there. For example you can go Dirt biking at dirt camp or you can chill on the lake front and blob your friends during free swim. At camp they have a 2 to 1 guest to staff ratio to ensure that you have a fantastic time!

Muskoka Woods blows everything out of the water and they do it big. Like they have 6 air Nautiques for wakeboarding and water skiing and at the end of the summer they have an all Senior High week with a huge budget. One year they rented a helicopter just for a James Bond themed opening show!

Those are just some of the stats that you may be interested in but I have first hand experience! I've been to camp numerous times and spent half my summer there this past year. I started going to camp at the age of 12 and after that summer I knew I would be going back every year. While at camp I went through J2, Senior High and CEO. Now CEO was by far the best program that Muskoka Woods has to offer. Only 75 kids get into the program every summer between 2 sessions. It gives you a grade 11 Leadership course credit and 200 community service hours. All this is organized by the section head who puts all her time into marking our Journals and activity logs. This is another example of how they put so much effort into everything!

At camp they don't call you a camper they call you a guest and although you pay a fair amount to go to camp in my personal opinion it is worth it and arguably the best camp ever!


  1. You're enthusiastic and well informed about this topic, it's obvious you love this place. Great post, one question, what does "blob your friends" mean?

    1. At camp they have a giant air bag on the water called the blob. One person stands on a platform while someone sits on the other end. When the one person jumps and lands on the bag they are launched into the air and land in the water. Thanks for asking for clarification.

  2. Jesse, I have never been into camps, but your enthusiasm about Muskoka Woods is incredibly evident and contagious. I want to experience this camp. Are there programs for old people?