Monday, 11 November 2013

Orangeville D.S.S. school sports

Why is ODSS in district 10?

I love playing sports at ODSS. OD is great at offering people the sports they want but why do we have to play in district 10? Our school is clearly in district 4 based on geography. My blog today is going to argue that we should switch sports into D-4.

My first argument for why we should move into D-4 is the cost to play sports. If we played in D-4 we would save a lot of money and students wouldn't have to pay as much for school sports. Because of this we would't have to pay for the long bus rides. This would also allow more students to play sports because it would become more affordable.

On top of the cost to play in D-10, we would also do a lot better in sports and win more games in D-4. Every year we play games against D-4 schools and most of the time we win over the other schools. Whereas when we play any of the Guelph schools we get killed every year and generally don't stand a chance.

Finally if we played in district 4 we would also be able to play against friends from past years and people in the area that we grew up in. This would also make sports so much more enjoyable.

Maybe there are some reasons why we are in district 10 but honestly I feel that if we would play in district 4 it would be a big confidnce booste for all school teams.


  1. Jesse, you put forth some interesting ideas about switching from District 10 to District 4.

    I'm not sure about the cost savings, though. I thought that Norwell and Wellington Heights are in District 4, and both of those schools are quite a distance away.

    Why would we do better in District 4 in terms of winning? Do District 10 teams have more student athletes to pick from?

    I agree with your point about playing against friends, especially those at Westside.

    1. Yes you are right Mrs. Le! They do have a lot of students to pick from and there for have a higher chance of having more talented and more competitive students. And even though Norwell and Wellington are far away for the most part you are not driving an hour every away game.

  2. I think we should stay in District 10. One thing student athletes love about sports is the travelling for away games. Travelling with the team allows them to bond with each other, creating chemistry when its game time.

    Jesse, you're right about how guelph teams are better than D-4 teams which is another reason why our school should continue in D-10. By playing tougher teams, it motivates us to win games against the hardest teams. If we played D-4 teams and won lost of games, we wouldn't feel nearly as accomplished if we won a couple of games in D-10.

    I like the idea of playing against friends because its friendly competition, but after beating complete strangers, it feels like you can beat anybody that plays you.

    I think our school needs to stay in D-10 because it enforces bonding, competition and motivation.

  3. I also feel we should stay in D 10. Not all ODSS's teams do well in D 10 but some do like our hockey teams for example. Without Guelph there is not enough schools to play against unless you want to play the same team like 4 times and that would not be fun. It makes things interesting to have to work to win games and not just show up and expect to win. To be challenged is more exciting and I feel it makes the game better to have both teams giving their all for a win. A game is no fun when you win without a fight and also not fun for the other teams to lose. Therefore I feel we were put in D 10 for a reason and we should stay there.