Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Great Mystery Skype

   This past Tuesday, Nov. 26th, we had a mystery Skype with a class from Manitoulin Island. We had no clue where they were located at first but after some yes or no geography questions we figured out where they were from and told them where we were from.

   I learned from this Skype that natives still love the same sports and leisure activities as us but I never knew that the police or law was less strict than outside of the reserves. I also learned that they still do practice their culture and they don't live in such poor conditions because they do have lots of opportunities like dance class or field trips.

   I liked everything about the mystery Skype because it was a fun way to get involved with another school, but I felt that there could of been a couple things to improve it. For example there were a group of kids that had figured out their location before we even started based on the Skype username. I also felt that the camera angle for our class needed to be bigger because everyone was not involved. Finally I felt that both sides of the Skype should have been more prepared and that the sound should have been louder because it was hard to hear.

   Overall I found this experience quite enjoyable and I would do it again and suggest it to other schools as a fun and educational activity.

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  1. I also learned that some laws are less strict on reserves. I knew that there were some differences. For example, when it comes to hunting and fishing. I was shocked that piling people into the back of a pick up truck was generally overlooked!

    Your suggestions for improvement were great. I think for me to improve the camera angle, I need to invest in a longer cord to that I can move the laptop around and not have it stuck in the corner. I also agree that more preparation is needed. I wonder if Mystery Skyping is one of those things were practice makes perfect. Now that one is under our belts, I think future ones would be smoother.